Pretty much exactly 6 months after the last update, the big news: a new, fully-formed C/F album is out now on digipak CD & download/stream via Heavy Electricity Records on Bandcamp. Free badges with your CD!
The COLDSORE split tape and the remix (part of "A Mass For Shut-Ins") both came out on Totes-Format before Xmess. GRM did his usual excellent design job of course.

Some past news and some future news in the world of C/F.
Firstly, there's an exclusive new track on the 3rd themed benefit album I've joined in with this year: "self:isolation" released by Andrew from Radio Free Ul-Quoma/Waheela.
Most unlikely news is probably the live-via-video-stream debut of Concrete/Field, as part of the I <3 5G events organised with some good friends. The sounds are on Bandcamp, the video is on the Internet Archive and YouTube.
The extremely near future (i.e. next week) will bring the second split tape with COLDSORE on Totes Format featuring GRMMSK working his usual DIY magic with the packaging. Hopefully not too long after that will come remixes of COLDSORE & Cahn Ingold Prelog, a new split with WOUND and more.

The last week sees the release of two themed benefit compilations featuring exclusive Concrete/Field recordings: Vital Things has released a 2CD/download set in support of the Unist'ot'en Camp protests against oil pipelines being illegally forced across sacred indigenous lands. You can get it direct from their website. New co-conspirator Simon Profitt (of various projects including the magnificent Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor and Cahn Ingold Prelog) has marked the ignominious exit of the UK from the EU with a two volume compilation entitled "Withdrawn" which features time/location-specific recordings made over the period of withdrawal at 11PM on 31st January 2020. All profits will go to the Welsh Refugee Council, a charity organisation devoted to helping and empowering refugees and asylum seekers start a new life in Wales.

Exciting news in the C/F camp: 28th November sees the release of "Peruvian Paul's 16-Step Programme" a split with old friend Savier on Acre Recordings. He remixed my old sounds and I remixed his remixes. Pre-order is now up on Bandcamp, along with two preview tracks. Sav's artwork is absolutely eye-melting in the best way, very chuffed about this release.
Also chuffed to be involved with "Red Flag 2019" on Concrete Tapes, a benefit for the Labour election campaign. An exclusive, unreleased Concrete/Field track features, along with fine siblings like Astral Social Club & The Leaf Library. Tapes have sold out already.

Noise In Opposition 3 is released today as pwyw download and data DVD-R. Noise In Opposition is a label/compilation series/community facilitated by myself (with occasional assistance from like-minded friends) and is dedicated to opposing bigotry in the noise/avant/industrial scenes and beyond. Contains an exclusive Concrete/Field track and an absolute 1-minute blaster of a Meat House tune.

"Multiple Connection Attempts: Lone Workings 2008-2014" released today as Bandcamp download, DIY black CD-R and Resonate stream. MCA is a chronological compilation of unreleased tracks and obscure or deleted compilation contributions across the first 6 years of Concrete/Field.