Concrete/Field is a one man band who has been releasing sonic detritus into the void since 2008. Concrete/Field deals in improvised synthesis, deep tweaking of sound sources, lo-fi field recordings and unnecessary conceptual nonsense about power stations and wiring. Infrastructure as muse.
Concrete/Field has been privileged to work with 19f3 Records, Hand Loom Lament, Terranean Recordings, Herhalen, Invisible City, TOTES-FORMAT & Arell and collaborate with Matt Warren, Wound, Luke Lund & COLDSORE, with more joint works on the way.


The Concrete/Field project dates back to summer 2008 as an outlet for my experiments in improvised sound generation and manipulation, the name referencing musique concrete and field recording – two vital techniques in the C/F toolbox – and also hinting at the contradiction between my love of human-created infrastructure and untouched wide-open spaces. The infrastructural influence couldn't have been more obvious on my debut release, it being inspired by the coal-fired power stations of Northern England and featuring four 15 minute tracks of live-processed 50Hz sine waves (50Hz being the frequency of mains electricity in the UK). While Concrete/Field has no strict boundaries in style (having touched on drone, noise, techno, electronica and hip-hop at times) or an overall concept, individual releases are often inspired by a particular idea or process (e.g. "Valhalla Time Machine" channeling the sounds from out-of-control, self-oscillating software plugins into a chain of self-remixes) and I enjoy working within arbitrary limitations to push the creativity required (e.g. I almost never add any new sounds when remixing other people's work, working strictly with the material given).