2024, 2nd Feb
Ridiculous number of music recommendations backing up here:

New UKAEA album is excellent. Amazing mix of soaring vocals, violin and pin-sharp industrialised techno.

Incredibly excited for the Lord Spikeheart album, guest lineup is amazing and the sample track kills.

Long-awaited new Raw Village Hall business from Gregg, with hints of the much-loved Sonic Subjunkies on occasion. HARDCORE.

Gorgeous fuzzy ambience and scritchy beats from Kaan on the 3rd Human Scum album.

Long-time friend and collaborator Bartosz AKA Wound has got together with a couple of friends to start a new tape label for "leftfield music". They plan to release quarterly batches of 3 albums and the first is up for pre-order now, here.

Attention, nihilist sludge heads! New Pound Land album ALERT. Get Mugged now!

And finally, the debut album by Angry Blackmen is out on Deathbomb Arc. It's a banger.

2024, 11th Jan
This Aidan Baker/Stefan Christoff guitar/piano duo is absolutely gorgeous and should soundtrack your January evenings: https://aidanbakercollaborations.bandcamp.com/album/januar

The intersection of the Venn diagram between "Knows how to batter a noise table" and "Has received an apology from Beyonce for ripping them off" contains precisely one member: https://www.ursss.com/2023/09/evicshen/