Latest updates:

March 17, 2024: two updates in one today - I have a track on the Hard Return compilation Compilation (8 hours or so of militantly minimalist repetition from 66 artists) and also my remix of "Voice of Reason" by Emissaries of Syn is on their remix compilation Secure The Assumed Inhumanity At The Core (I went with something of a gabber-influenced pounder).

January 2, 2024: yol's reworking of some Concrete/Field noises got linked in a Guardian article about artistic reactions to the UK housing crisis, thanks to its appearance on the first volume of Rental Yields.

October 22, 2023: Fondre l'Eau by Meltwater on Eliane Radigue

November 25, 2022: section 106 obligation avoidance module by Concrete/Field vs solo1 on Rental Yields: Volume Three