About "A Theory Of Psychic Geography":

“while there’s no doubt that most of these sounds arise out of electronic synthesis, they are plump and moist in a manner than seems to defy the membrane of pure sound”

"sounds like places but places where humans have been, sound trails of where things have lived and played"
An Idiot's Guide To Dreaming

"layers of nuanced sound that envelop the listener"
Hugh Marwood

About "Hidden Workings":

“exemplifies all that's good about the Other Electronics world”
Include Me Out

About "Concrete/Wound":

“both artists have so clearly fine tuned their aesthetics under a microscope”
The Quietus

“recalling LaMonte Young’s long-form contemplations”
We Need No Swords

About "Under The Concrete/The Field":

"a contemporary collection worthy of your attention"
Include Me Out

"A crowd-sourced archaeology, but one where the artists have invented a new history."
Ears For Eyes

"a blur of interpretations and a shimmy of styles from a heady mix of collaborators"
Radio Free Midwich


Ears For Eyes "Fallout Shelter Disks"
Turbulent Times Issue #10 (sold out)
10 shortcuts… with Barry Fry on forallandnone.com